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Ending the Cycle for Good: The Biggest Way that You are Damaging Yourself and Don't Even Know It

Many people do not know that they are constantly failing themselves every day by doing this one thing.

It has nothing to do with how much money you are making, it has nothing to do with your career, and it has nothing to do with your productivity.

Oh no, it goes much deeper and way beyond these things.

YOU are failing yourself and most likely don’t even know that you are and HOW you are doing so.

Let’s break it down.

We live in a society that does not protect the youth, and more particularly our children. According to Child Project, “3.6 million cases of child abuse are reported every year in the U.S”. There are likely more of these cases, however, many go unreported. They go unreported due to the fact that the perpetrators are adults and have more power to silence their CHILDREN victims.

Privilege exists and it comes in many forms.

Vulnerability is complex but MUST be acknowledged.

Have you ever had any of these things happen to you as a child?

  • Being called a liar or not believed

  • Bullied or made fun of

  • Verbally, Sexually, Emotionally, and/or Mentally Abused

  • Neglected and felt unloved

  • Received an unfair punishment

  • Yelled at by a dominating adult to the point where it made you experience a dreadful sense of fear

  • Recieved a punishment that took a toll on your mental and/or physical wellbeing

  • Felt uncomfortable but could not escape the situation

  • Were forced into something you did not want to do

If this is you, you probably have to live with the painful memory of enduring one of these things.

Even if you haven’t gone through any of these things, think about if you had a friend, child, or your own, or someone you know that either went through one of these. Or if one of them had theoretically gone through this.

How would that make you feel?

Hopefully, you would feel a strong sense of sympathy for them.

You or someone else you know was most likely not protected in some shape or form. Whether it was not being believed when it came to something that occurred or if you were molested or physically abused, there’s a sense of pain that comes with thinking about ALL of these things.

As stated before, millions of children within the United States have been and still are going through one to ALL of the things that were mentioned on that list.

You may be asking, “What does this have to do with me and failing myself?”

Here’s how:

You are failing yourself by NOT being an activist for our children.


Because by failing children you are not only failing the future generation of people that include your own should you choose to have them or if you already have one or some, but most importantly you are also failing YOUR OR YOUR LOVED ONE'S INNER CHILD!

If you could go back in the past, wouldn’t you want to protect your past self or loved one from the harm that they had gone through?

What would you tell them? Probably that you cared for them, that they were not alone, and that they had someone in their corner to support them.

Would you stand up for what was right because they couldn’t do it themselves?

You most likely would.

Therefore, by not protecting that inner child that is metaphorically taking the form of another little human being, YOU ARE FAILING YOURSELF.

And what happens when you fail yourself?

  • You are not able to fully become your best self

  • You won’t be able to get the life that you have always dreamed of

  • You will always be haunted by that memory

  • You will truly never heal

  • MOST OF ALL: The cycle of abuse, in general, will continue to repeat and more people will fail themselves too

Luckily, for you, there’s a perfect way for you to stop failing yourself and break the overall cycle of child abuse. You can start breaking these cycles and begin your journey towards taking charge of your or your loved one’s inner child’s wound today.

It all starts by standing up for Jane and John Doe in the Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears case by supporting the American King Foundation’s pursuit of helping justice to be served.

You see, celebrities Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears were not only accused of sexually molesting and assaulting then 14-year-old Jane Doe and 7-year-old John Doe but there is actual video footage of a skit called “Through a Pedophiles Eyes” that serves as evidence of their wrongdoing.

In this video, John Doe was forced to do sexually suggestive acts in his underwear and Spears had done numerous inappropriate things to the 7-year-old child. It left John Doe scared as he had to endure this along with other sexual abuse that had happened allegedly behind the scenes. Furthermore, Jane Doe currently lives with the trauma of not being able to protect her younger brother as Haddish and Spears purposefully kept them separate allegedly.

Here’s something even more disturbing:

Celebrities and people in power are not speaking up. And if they are, they are failing to hold Haddish and Spears accountable for their actions.

Privilege is at play here.

Haddish and Spears are using their money and connections in order to protect themselves and to create a narrative that blames the victims and portrays themselves as innocent when there is disgusting evidence that puts them at fault.

It is more than just “tasteless”. Crimes against children must stop.

The question now becomes…. What are YOU going to do about it?

Are you going to let the cycle of abuse continue or are you going to step in to protect the children that suffered and were clearly exploited in this situation?

Hopefully, you have chosen to help, and if so, here’s how you can:

Visit the American King Foundation’s website at:

You can also contact the organization at:

(404) 997-1151

Ask how you can partake in the cause and be a part of making a change to help protect Jane and John Doe in this situation.

Get involved and let your voice be heard!

Your efforts count drastically as the more people that we can get involved in the cause, the greater of a stance we can make within our communities and in our country overall to protect the youth and our own inner children.

Only YOU can put an end to healing the inner child.

Do it for yourself, but most of all do it for the children.

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